Massage for Depression


Some recent medical surveys have alluded to the fact that massage may well have some benefit to treating some psychological disorders namely depression. Depression is obviously a massive public health issue and something that affects such a great number of the population that anything that is medicine and therefore side effect free is something to consider.

Providing massage therapy as a free service is not something very likely but if it something that people can go and do themselves to offer light relief or use it in conjunction with some other therapy then it can prove effective.

The summary of the research found that the main ways in which massage had an impact on the depressive state of a person was mainly by helping to de-stress the recipient of the massage and also by inducing deep relaxation which as a combination helped to build a trust between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage which consequently help[s the body to release the trust hormone known as Oxytocin in the body.

More research is of course needed but this does offer another outlet for those looking to beat the blues and does give credence to those people that use all different type of massage which may be something like Japanese or Thai massage or in some cases even from sensual forms of massage such as tantric massage where both client and masseuse do form quite a bond in the process of the massage therapy.

One of the key benefits to any holistic approach to countering some of the quite debilitating ailments is that by doing it medicine free it means that one is not going to get any negative side effects which on their own can become a serious problem. In some cases patients are taking other medicines to negate the initial side effects which as many have said can become quite a vicious circle when treating such a condition.