Great reasons to try tantric breathing


Many guys that are getting into tantric massage these days are possibly looking more at the sexual perspective of tantra than really getting into the whole ‘tantric lifestyle’ of things which is a shame as done right tantric breathing exercises can be a great way to connect with your partner as well as awaken old feelings and connections and in turn can be very good for bonding between couples.

Many guys have also found that through applying these breathing techniques in the correct manner than they can also help avoid a range of different sexual problems, the most important being premature ejaculation. Tantric practitioners will also tell you that not only will this help to prolong your sexual encounter but it should also hugely amplify the feeling and ultimate pleasure from the experience which is of course fantastic for both people taking part

It is not just the breathing techniques that will work wonders for your sex life but those that really do get involved in the tantric lifestyle and take things seriously can also get some great health benefits too. You will no doubt feel calmer generally and this can also help with a number of different common ailments from things like stress, anxiety and depression which are the three main ones that spring to mind

It is important that if you are serious about learning more about breathing techniques that you do consult with a qualified tantra practitioner who you might find at a happy ending tantric massage parlour as you do need to make sure that you are being taught correctly. This is because tantric massage breathing techniques are different to normal deep breathing exercises in the respect that they are a little more complex such as crow beak breathing, sitkari, right and left nostril breathing to name but a few of the different tantric techniques that can be learnt


Top reasons to give nuru therapy a try


There are so many different options for massage in many European countries nowadays, but one technique that really does seem to be taking the continent by storm is Nuru massage. You might also have heard of it being referred to as bodyslide as it is also commonly known. It is an exquisite blend of your standard body to body technique with what can only be referred to as the most slippery massage on the planet.

How is this possible? Well it is with the special nuru gel that works the magic and transforms a regular body to body service to pure ecstasy with intimacy and sensuality personified. People that use this massage technique have reported that they feel considerably more relaxed after treatment and also can be an extremely arousing experience also which as most people say is a pretty handy bonus.

You might think that because this is from Japan and so an oriental form of massage that only Japanese or oriental masseuses would be proficient in this style of relaxation therapy but this is truly not the case. One such example is the famous nuru massage london therapy who have a great team of masseuses who have all been trained to a very high level of proficiency at different oriental schools of massage across the country

The principles of the massage are basically the same as a lot of other more common types but is applied slightly differently and so most trained masseuses are only really adapting what they all ready know to a new style. One exception to this would be a style like Thai massage which is mush more physical in its nature and thus would more than likely require a fair amount of retraining for any masseuse who was wishing to adapt their skills to this form


Times when massage therapy not the best idea


As much as massage has been shown to be very beneficial to many people and has shown some great health benefits, there are also times when it is not particularly helpful to some people. This is more to do with those that have some health issues whereby it is not really advisable. One such time would be during pregnancy, where it would most definitely be advisable to find a massage who is fully trained on massage for pregnant women.

The others that would probably be advised to steer clear of massage therapy are people that have:

  • Heart Problems
  • Kidney Failure
  • Blood Clots in the Legs
  • Contagious Skin Conditions

If in doubt it is generally a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure if it is ok or perhaps if precautions should be taken. It is also said that those that are recovering from surgery should probably avoid massage therapy.

Then there are those that have some sort of inflammation or infection and these are areas that should most definitely be avoided by a massage therapist. Those that have breast cancer for example should be particularly careful and this is and he breast area and surrounding lymph nodes should most certainly be avoided.

It is when you have some risky ailment such as listed above that you definitely ensure that you are using a qualified therapist for your massage therapy. This is quite simple generally speaking and will just involve checking credentials with some of the main massage therapy associations and can generally be done through internet searches or by using some of the well-known directories.

There are of course lots of other associations which are probably not really recognized such as perhaps those that are related to things like Chinese medicine or perhaps the more erotic forms of massage such as naturist nuru massage for example. Although they may have their own bodies etc these may well not be recognized by your massage practitioner for example and therefore perhaps something that should be discussed with your medical professional.


Massage for Depression


Some recent medical surveys have alluded to the fact that massage may well have some benefit to treating some psychological disorders namely depression. Depression is obviously a massive public health issue and something that affects such a great number of the population that anything that is medicine and therefore side effect free is something to consider.

Providing massage therapy as a free service is not something very likely but if it something that people can go and do themselves to offer light relief or use it in conjunction with some other therapy then it can prove effective.

The summary of the research found that the main ways in which massage had an impact on the depressive state of a person was mainly by helping to de-stress the recipient of the massage and also by inducing deep relaxation which as a combination helped to build a trust between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage which consequently help[s the body to release the trust hormone known as Oxytocin in the body.

More research is of course needed but this does offer another outlet for those looking to beat the blues and does give credence to those people that use all different type of massage which may be something like Japanese or Thai massage or in some cases even from sensual forms of massage such as tantric massage where both client and masseuse do form quite a bond in the process of the massage therapy.

One of the key benefits to any holistic approach to countering some of the quite debilitating ailments is that by doing it medicine free it means that one is not going to get any negative side effects which on their own can become a serious problem. In some cases patients are taking other medicines to negate the initial side effects which as many have said can become quite a vicious circle when treating such a condition.